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Why People Prefer Online Slots

Why play slots online when table games have a reduced house advantage?

Many people prefer playing online slots for many reasons. One main reason why people continue to flock to the slots is that they all know one small wager can change their lives.

Online table games like craps, roulette, and blackjack that have no progressive jackpot do not offer people the opportunity to win a big jackpot on a single bet. This type of betting is available to online casinos.

Weighing the odds

Many people play online slots despite the house advantage.

Take for example the amount of a $500,000 progressive jackpot, which can be played and won with a $1 bet. If the game on hand has a 90% payback rate, the house advantage is 10%. In this example, 1% is put aside towards the progressive jackpot. The odds of winning are now 50,000,000 to 1, considering that the jackpot is one hundredth of the payback.

With this in mind, if a slot machine is spun about 1 million times a year, the online casino can expect to pay the jackpot about every five to six months.

Comparing this example to a game of blackjack with the house advantage of 0.5%, an average player who purchases $100 in chips and makes $5 bets at a time may reach a pot of $50,000 in a few years.

The odds would be about 10,000 to 1, which looks better than the odds of the slots. However, history has proven that more people win more at slots than at blackjack even if the odds are against them.

Another reason why players frequent the slots is that many other people play them online. It is a simple case of more people playing that more people have a chance to win.

Small bets please

An average player can play online slots and perhaps make $500,000 from only a $1 wager while a blackjack player needs thousands of winning hands at a low wager amount. A blackjack player faces huge odds while facing a low percentage of winning and must sustain it for a long period of time to gather a huge winning. In effect, the player would have to spend several days online to win. In terms of time spent, online slots is the fastest yet allows one a very good chance at winning the jackpot.

Instant Satisfaction

Players of online slots or live slots are met with instant sounds, flashing reels and the instant gratification when they hit a payout. Compared to a table game, the slots offer more visual excitement.

In the end, many people play slots because it is quick, flashy, and it has the lowest wager in all games.

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