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Understanding How Slots Operate

Even among long time slot machine players, only very few actually know, or bother to learn how the machines operate. While knowing the mechanics is not necessary in playing, it does help in removing the many fallacies surrounding the game.

Although they look similar to their older counterparts, the slot machines of today are very distinct from their older versions, particularly in the way they work.

In the classic slots, the apparatus worked using several gears, shafts and levers. Although each design was unique, they basically followed the same principle. A metallic shaft was put in the center of the machine, and joined to three discs, which in turn were connected to the three reels.

Beneath the discs and reels were the kickers and stoppers, both of which were held by springs and connected to the handle or lever that the player uses to activate the slot. When the lever is pulled the springs activate the kickers and stopper, and together with the discs, determine the symbols that the reels would produce.

Modern slot machines are designed to look like the old ones, but the similarity is all superficial. There are numerous differences, one of the most important being that the lever and the reels are in no way connected. The symbols that are produced by the reels are actually determined by a computer chip.

The most important component of the computer chip in the slot is the RNG (random number generator). Once the slot is activated by the player, the RNG begins to calculate random numbers. The generated numbers are then used to determine what signs will be produced on each reel. The motion sensors, for their part, dictate when the reels stop and turn.

There are many different types of slot machines, but regardless, the same digital procedure applies, including the ones on Internet gambling casinos. This goes to show you that the entire process of generating the symbols are random and based on chance. There is no way for the casino to control the outcome of the RNG.

A lot of people, including some gamblers, insist that the slots can be manipulated by casinos, but as you can see, the process is entirely computerized, and cannot be altered in any way when a person is playing.

With this knowledge, you can now feel comfortable playing, knowing there cannot be manipulation, and that you do have a realistic chance of winning.

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