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Slots Variations And Terminologies

There are slots variations that everybody should know. The following are variations, definition, as well as slots terminologies.

Slots Variations: a) Basic Slots

This is the "flat-top" or the straight slots. The payout is always the same whether the slot machine is being played at or not.

b) Multiplier Slots

This is type of slot machine that pays the gambler for specific symbols. The three reel slot machine payout 5 coins for hitting the cherry with only one coin and 10 coins for playing with two coins and so on.

c) Bonus Multiplier Slots

This type of slot machine offer huge amounts of jackpots to gamblers. But with the required maximum coin bets.

This is attractive to serious slots gamblers who want to hit it big.

d) Progressive Slots

This type of slot machine is where the jackpot grows. This requires a lot of coins to hit the payout.

e) Multiplier with wild symbol

This type of slot machine has credit bonuses, free spins to offer and scatter pays. This type of slot machine includes "Triple Double Diamond", "Multi Jackpot", "Triple Red White & Blue" and "Five Times Pay".

This is also requires maximum coin bets.

f) Double Machines

This kind of slot machine pays you triple or double for winning the right combination.

g) Buy-you-own-Pay

The number of coins that you will insert to the slot machine will determine the kind of winnings you can get.

h) Bonus Multiline Slot Machine

This kind of slot machine is also called branded machines, participation games, brand recognition, interactive slots and entertainment-content machines.

The word bonus means to give a bonus to gamblers. You play the slot again with the bonus that you have won.

i) Signature Slots

Every casino offers different names for their slot machines. This is why they are called signature slots. The name or brand is specifically distinguished with one casino only.

Terminologies: j) Random Number Generator or the RNG

This is a computer generated chip that is installed inside the slot machine by the one who manufactured the machine. It is highly protected and secured.

The RNG randomly selects the number from the machine. There are hundreds of symbols and every second the RNG moves. This ensures the secured operation of the slot machine that it cannot be tampered with.

k) Reels

This is also referred to as the wheels on the slot machine. The most common number of reels that a slot machine has is three.

l) Schedule of Slots

The schedule of the slots is posted in front of the slot machine to show what type of slot machine you are playing and the type of denomination it requires.

m) Drop and Hold Slots

To drop means the amount of money you need to insert into the slot machine while hold means the amount of money to be paid out.

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