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Mysticizing to Win the Slots

Winning the slots is sometimes figured out by calculating the frequency of chances that like pictures would appear. But why tire yourself out with all the mathematics? For some say it is often merely by pure luck - with a little mysticism on the side. Sure enough many people win the slots seemingly by serendipity - and we know of many such cases.

But contrary to hearsay, lucks are not purely coincidence. They involve certain rites to "appease the gods" that seem to control the machines. Luck, they say, has certain requirements that eager slot winners ought to take seriously. Here are some of their testimonies as they were interviewed:

1. Be nice. It's like Santa coming to town and bound to finding out who's been naughty or nice. As Santa gives gifts to nice kids, so winning the slots takes being nice to people for some time. Being nice to parents, especially.

2. Often visit the church. Some people believe religious acts attract luck. Some even keep lucky charms as they pull the slot's lever.

3. Don't be eager to win. The luck gods will see it and be disappointed with you. It is believed that luck clings to the simple-hearted.

4. On the other hand, there are those who believe that luck gods hate hypocrites. Why try the slots if one's not dying to win? Be eager to win and show it. They say luck clings to honest people.

5. Always keep identical things. They keep it in their pockets, bags, dangling around the car's rear mirror, the front door (to invite luck in), under pillows as they sleep, and especially have them as they pull the slot's lever. It's the best luck to have twin or triplet children - or more.

6. Meditate on winning the slots a day before slotting. Read books or articles on slotting, and focus on winning stories. Talk about winning on the way to the office, in the office, on the way home, and over dinner. Fill your mind with it. Sleep on it.

7. Wear clothes with polka dots. The dots symbolize the plethora of chips cascading down from the machine.

8. Eat rounded stuffs or take drinks with circular things in them. Anything round or circular symbolizes money.

9. Eat viands of like ingredients. Four kinds of beef dish. Four kinds of fish dish.

10. Make a wish just before you pull the slot lever. Make sure to close your eyes between wishing and pulling the lever.

11. Ask the luck gods to lead you to the right slot machine.

12. Ask the gods to let you have the right chips for the machine.

14.Whatever happens do not have anything to do with the number 13.

15. Never count the chicks unless the eggs have hatched. Meaning, don't anticipate on the things to buy or do with your would-be winnings.

To a lot of people, even some veteran casino gamblers, winning the slots takes more than just outsmarting the machine. It requires planned luck.

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