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Testing Machines

You always want to play on the best possible slot machine, and this could only be done by testing the machine and comparing them with other machines. Your first step in finding the best paying slots is to play in a locale which offers the highest average paybacks. Based on the average payback percentages, we have listed the locations below, in order, from worst to best, for quarter slots play:

A. Connecticut 90.7% B. Atlantic City 91.0% C. Mississippi 92.0% D. Las Vegas Strip 92.4% E. Illinois 92.8% F. Iowa 93.0% G. Missouri 93.3% H. Colorado 94.2% I. Downtown Vegas 94.9% J. North Las Vegas 96.3%

You may not always be able to pick your location. However, if you are serious about trying to win at slots, you must recognize the significant disadvantage of trying to win in locations like Atlantic City, or Connecticut.

Your best paying slot will be in a casino. Resist the urge to plop down in a laundromat and play slots.

The best casinos are those which cater to slot players. One of the best ways to pick a casino which caters to slot players is to play in one which has a clientele of locals. The best examples of casinos fitting this description are those in North Las Vegas, and on the Boulder Strip in Las Vegas.

Once you have zeroed in on a good casino which caters to slot players, you need to find a machine in a likely location. I hope you know that you should lean less towards slot machines next to table games, near aisles which are used to access elevators or the front desk, slots near show or ticket lines, slots near the sports books, and slots adjacent to each other.

The most likely looser machines will be slots outside a casino coffee shop, slots on elevated carousals, and slots which are in highly visible locations to other slot players, such as at the intersections of slot machine aisles, or on islands of machines visible from two or more slot aisles.

Once you have found the best locations in the casino, you still need to find the machines which offer paybacks proportionate to the amount of coins playing, called proportionate multipliers. You should avoid jackpot machines, unless you are specifically looking to play on one using special strategic rules for jackpot plays.

Let us assume that you have found three likely looking slots. Two are at the end of aisles in the slot pit, directly visible to two slot aisles, and the third is near the entrance to the casino coffee shop. Now you need to find the best machine of these three.

Here is what you might do. Take one of your session bankrolls and divide it into three equal amounts, at least 20 coins for each machine. Now you will play 20 coins through each machine one time, and record the results. If you have picked proportionate multipliers, you can play one coin at a time.

Hopefully, one of the three machines will give you a profit, but don't be discouraged if you don't win at this point, because at this stage we are just looking for the machine which is paying back the highest amount.

Assume your test gives you the following results after 20 coins have been played through each machine:

Machine Coins Played Coins Returned Win or Loss 1 20 15 -5 2 20 18 -2 3 20 23 +3

You won't have any trouble picking the machine to play in this example. Of course you will start playing in machine 3, located next to the coffee shop.

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